Akrivi a Top Notch guide for Knossos, Heraklion and the archaeological museum

Akrivi and Yiannis from “1618 Travel”, the agency behind Travel Crete Private Tours, are all you need to fall in love with Crete.

We used them to do a Knossos tour, a Heraklion highlight tour and the archaeological museum in Heraklion (a real gem!). Akrivi is super friendly and extremely knowledgeable. She is able to adjust her guide to the ages of each participant so that everyone is engaged and focused! In particular, she has been patient with the kids, taking her time to explain to them the fascinating stories from the Palace of Knossos.
Yiannis is also an amazing person, representing what Crete is proud of… an island with hospitable and friendly people!
Both of them are locals who know the city of Heraklion really well. They will tell you stories and show you places that only locals know. I know that they are doing tours all over Crete…
Overall, TOP NOTCH service! I highly recommend them!